Greetings and welcome to anyone who chooses to venture through cyberspace into my blog site! This is my first attempt at ever starting a blog, so I hope readers can forgive any hiccups or lack of standard procedures that bloggers are meant to follow.

I have recently published my first novel, Agents of Shadow, which is the first book in a series titled, The Keepers of White. More on that later. But it came to my attention, as a new author trying to get his book known, that keeping a blog may help. So yes, I am doing this for the self benefit of gaining recognition, but in turn I promise to make it worth the readers’ while…

First, though it’s been advised that my posts focus mainly on the themes, characters, inspirations behind, and other aspects of my book, I will be covering these elements, but others as well. At times I may talk about a personal experience that others might relate to. I will also, once in a while give thorough reviews of books within or near the same genre as my own, so that avid readers may help find other books they may enjoy. I know that books online usually have reviews, but in my experience, many of them are…well…elevated. My reviews will be a little more critical, but also honest.

Thanks again for visiting! I welcome any feedback that you may have, and I look forward to this adventure!