Story Background: Who Are The Keepers of White?

For those of you who have read Agents of Shadow (Book 1 of The Keepers of White series), you will have noticed that very little information about the Keepers is actually revealed. This was intended as I primarily focused on the Agents of Shadow (hence the title of Book 1), because I wanted to establish the darkness and corruption infecting the modern world while implying that any forces of the good and true-hearted are almost non-existent, thereby setting a tone that the spread of greed and lust for power has caused a regression in the civil evolution of humankind. But you may also have noticed the few moments within the story in which the presence of good does “peep in” from time to time. This foreshadows a hint of hope for the events to come in later books.

I’d like to keep much of the background a mystery, which will slowly unfold as the series continues. At the same time, for those fans loyal enough to follow this blog, I thought I could thank you by shedding a little light on some of the back story of the mysterious Keepers of White without giving away too much too soon…

Since the times of ancient civilizations (I haven’t decided where or when they first originated), the Keepers of White have been an underground order of special individuals who were dedicated to helping others in need, aiding humanity to grow in a positive direction (historically we can assume this has not been an easy task), but most importantly, protecting the natural world from unnatural evils. All of their efforts have been conducted in secret, and very few outside their confraternity even knew of their existence, as they themselves possessed extraordinary gifts, but to the outside world, they lived as normal citizens of whatever culture or nation to which they belonged.

A side note: Someone once suggested I change the title of the series, and call the Keepers of White something else, because they thought it sounded a little racist. I actually fretted over this for at least a week as this did not occur to me prior to this suggestion. In the end, I chose to ignore the person. It is not stated out right in the first book, although there are many hints, but one of the main elements of this series is the presence of magic. More specifically, black magic (used to corrupt and cause harm upon others) and white magic (healing, calming magic). The Keepers of White are those who are skilled in the use of white magic. The Agents of Shadow have acquired black magic. It’s that simple. No intended racism (Sheesh! I wonder if Wizards of the Coast had to deal with this when they created their acclaimed Magic: The Gathering card game).

Another side note: The magic in this series is not loud and noticeable. No magic wands, no wizards with pointy hats, no Harry Potter stuff (all due respect to the amazing Ms. Rowling). It’s subtle, and meant to be so. Otherwise, both the Keepers of White and the Agents of Shadow would not be so unknown to the rest of the world, now would they. This is a supernatural story, but I wanted to try to maintain a strange sense of realism as well. I’ve said enough on this matter. You’ll discover more as the future novels in the series are released.

For centuries, the Keepers, though always few in numbers, had maintained constant success in preventing dark forces from infecting society, and they were quick to track down and put a stop to any malevolent individuals who, in search of self-gain and power, had made attempts to conjure and utilize those dark forces. However, when it came to their quest to influence humanity to consistently grow and better itself, they were eventually doomed to fail: for humanity has such potential to achieve such goodness and kindness, but unfortunately human nature always gets in the way. Throughout the ages, pride, greed, lust, and intolerance had continued to corrupt the weak-hearted, and most of the elitists and rulers of civilizations and societies, the ones with the most power, usually proved to have the weakest hearts, and were the quickest to succumb to such corruption. Soon the Keepers were overwhelmed as more and more people grew to only have interest in self-gain, and compassion was only demonstrated if it was convenient. And there became too many who had discovered the dark arts for the Keepers to discover them all. Eventually, those who eluded the strained, watchful eyes of the Order of White strengthened their dark power, secretly united under the common threat of the Keepers, and in time used their own economic and political influence to infiltrate and control all fabrics of society. A shadow government. With the tables now turned, with their agency now established and in power, it was they who began hunting down the Keepers of White, until they had become scattered to the point of nonexistence, in which they no longer posed a threat to the progress of those who sought tyrannical power, and also no longer able to serve as a beacon of hope for the common people of society.

No one knows exactly when this shift in the balance of power occurred (not even me). Especially since there’s no record of it, and especially since almost no one even knows that the Keepers of White, or the Agents of Shadow, or magic itself even exists. For all throughout history there has been corruption in the hearts of the wealthy and powerful, and there has always been struggle and hardship for common folk. However long ago everything went south, it came to be that the Keepers who were not discovered and hunted down passed down their knowledge to those who were of pure heart enough to learn it.

And through the ages, though they no longer held any influence over society, they continued to do what little they could, using their gifts to help, heal, and comfort those in need and distress… always secretly. And through the ages, as the knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, the Keepers never forgot their code:

  • A Keeper of White holds unconditional love for all of nature and humanity
  • A Keeper of White, if it is within his/her power, will protect the innocent at all costs


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