Tomoiya’s Story, a Daring New Perspective of Vampires

This is a wonderful beginning to what looks like an incredible and captivating upcoming series! A background story that sets the stage for a new kind of hero! Many very unique qualities about this book. Author C. A. King invents a different view of vampire legends, and creates an intriguing tale that unfolds at a well-set pace!

First of all, though titled Tomoiya’s Story, we’re only introduced to Tomoiya in the first and last chapters. The rest follow the story of a young woman named Allaynie, a book being read by Tomoiya. It is a story within a story. Even more interesting is that the book being read, “Allaynie’s Story,” mostly follows the antagonist’s point of view. You usually grow somewhat attached to whichever character the story follows, but King does well in keeping the reader hoping against the antagonist, though we see things from his perspective most of the time.

Secondly, it’s an amazing twist in vampire lure. The story itself actually explains how the myths of vampires may have come to be if vampires were real, and possibly not the evil creatures legends usually tell of. This is very symbolic of the negative propaganda against specific races, religions and other social groups throughout our history, and I felt it was a great connection to the darker side of humanity which, as usual, is fueled by greed. On a personal note, I love when symbolism is used in stories, especially when it’s subtle and meant for the reader to find and interpret it. When we see the parallelisms for ourselves, we can better connect with the plot and the characters.

Lastly, I love that the author incorporated both fantasy/mythology and science fiction. The story is an original vampire story, with ships and space travel as a factor as well. One might think this would give the reader a sense of discordance, but it works very well with the way the story is written, and it only adds to the unique and originality factor of it. Vampires in space! Who would’ve thought?

All writing aspect and style is well done and professional, but it’s best quality, as previously implied, is the creativity and originality of the plot. It’s also a rather short read. I finished it in just a couple hours. I highly recommend this book, and I can’t wait to see how the series evolves from this interesting back story! This is usually not my type of story (I actually never liked any vampire stories), but this one is so captivating, I couldn’t help but to find myself drawn into it with a desire to find out what happens! Well done Ms. King!

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