More Things in Heaven and Earth – by E. A. Comiskey

All I can say is: Amazing! This book has the potential to restore one’s faith! Ms. Comiskey’s writing style is superb in every way, having a clear understanding of the human condition and mastery over the use of creative language when using First Person POV. The paragraphs flowed with ease, and reading the words on the page was the equivalent to fresh air for avid readers!

The story is a pre and post apocalyptic tale of biblical and mythological proportions. The main character and narrator is a humble, simple woman who constantly refers to herself as “just a mom,” but she carries a special gift. Before she knows it, she is called upon by an archangel to carry out an important task, in which the fate of humanity rests in her hands. No pressure (I think the narrator herself makes this comment as well)! Each chapter covers the progression from our normal society to the breakdown of the system, ending with complete and irreversible changes in the world, in which communities become isolated and must find their own ways of surviving.

I thoroughly enjoyed the character development throughout the book. Though the story is in First Person, you can still connect with any of the characters that interact with the protagonist as the author does well with describing facial expressions, body language and other universally emotional human reactions. I loved the loving, strong-willed, yet humble and sometimes sarcastic characteristics of Simone, the protagonist!

With one of the central themes appearing at first to be good vs. evil, you’d think that the suspense (also done very well), is building toward an epic battle of sorts, but as we continue reading we find that faith and hope are the keys to survival in this darkening world, and the surprising direction the author takes is refreshing.

On a final note, I find it incredible how the author finds a way to tie in all manners and beings of multiple myths and legends into one story without dealing with the challenge of discordance or “cluttter.” The Norse goddess Freyja is sitting at the dinner table with the Greek god Hermes and an archangel of the Lord, while vampires, werewolves, fairies, and orcs are choosing where their loyalties lie…and it all seems to work! Amazingly creative and imaginative!

I would recommend this story to anyone, regardless of their personal choice of religion. This book is kind of a montage of it all, and it seems so natural to be that way!

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