The Agents of Shadow: Organizational Structure

One of the purposes of my blog is to clear up any confusions that come across the readers of The Keepers of White series. A recent question brought to me concerned all the “Circles” spoken of by conspiring Agents of Shadow. When I looked over the story, I could see how it might be a little vague. There’s talk of the Inner Circles, the Outer Circles, then there’s a Primary and Secondary Circle. How is it all organized? I promise I don’t mean to leave it unexplained forever. As the series continues, more and more details will be revealed, but to the fans faithful enough to the story to have joined my blog, I thought I’d clarify it here and now.

The hierarchy of the Agents of Shadow is structured by two distinct groups of circles. The Inner Circles and the Outer Circle (yes, Inner Circles is meant to be plural whereas Outer Circle is singular). The Inner Circles consist of the two highest: the Primary Circle and the Secondary Circle. Members of these two Circles (five in each) are the only ones permitted to attend the Ritual of the New Moon (also referred to as a Cycle in the book), in which they perform a demonic sacrifice in order to complete the Dark Year. The five in the Primary Circle are the only ones who actively participate, whereas the five in the Secondary Circle bear witness. Members of both circles work to plan and coordinate each of the thirteen rituals. If they succeed in completing a Dark Year, those in the Primary Circle gain ultimate dark power and influence over the masses. The five agents in the Secondary Circle would then become the next Primary Circle, aspiring to complete the next Dark Year, whenever it comes (a Dark Year is random; perhaps I’ll go into more detail about it in another post), and they would select other Agents in the Outer Circle to serve as their supporting Secondary Circle.

Both the Primary and Secondary Circles have a “Head.” Father Paul is the Head of the Primary Circle in Agents of Shadow, and has the title of “Senior,” as he is responsible for making most of the executive decisions within the Agency. He is known to the public as Father Paul Cunningham, but only members of the Agency know of his true name, and sometimes refer to him as “Senior Arnett.” Police Chief William Biddle is the Head of the Secondary Circle, and his role is more of a liaison between the members of the Primary and Secondary Circle, offering support for the Primary Circle where needed, and making sure his own Circle is informed of any updates.

The Outer Circle consists of all other Agents of Shadow. There is no sub-structure in the Outer Circle. Agents within the Outer Circle are placed within the different fabrics of society and act in the interest of the Agency when called upon. Their only role is support, as well as aspiring to grow in their own knowledge of the dark arts with the hopes of one day being selected into the Secondary Circle. Most never get the chance, but they are happy to serve the Agency nevertheless as the material (and supernatural) rewards for their service is more than satisfying.

The only other entity is the “Master.” Very little is known about him (or her) to this point, but the Master oversees all. It is rumored that he once completed a Dark Year and therefore has obtained an unnaturally long life along with unspeakable power. Only the Head of the Primary Circle (currently Father Paul, a.k.a. Senior Arnett) has the privilege to speak with him and pass down any orders he gives. As of now, the Master is not an active character in the series, but probably will be in the future.

Make sense now? Or are you more confused? If so, here’s the structure of the Shadow Agency in outline form:


The Master

The Inner Circles

  1. Primary Circle (the five most veteran or most powerful agents)
  2. Secondary Circle (the NEXT five most veteran or powerful agents)

The Outer Circle (all other agents)


Looks a lot simpler that way than in paragraph form! And I’m sure the information I put in the paragraphs above may have only left you with more questions. If that’s the case, please don’t hesitate to contact me. That’s what this blog is for. If there’s something about the book you’d like more info about, let me know and I’ll try to write a blog post about it. That is, of course, unless doing so will cause spoilers. Some things are purposefully meant to be vague.

One last thing. Clearly, you’re not going to make much sense of anything I write in this category (“All About The Keepers of White”) unless you read the book first. So if you haven’t yet gotten it, be sure to click on the “Buy My Books” tab. Agents of Shadow is only $.99 on Amazon Kindle!

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