Book Review: Crown of Delusion (The Wars of Reckoning Saga, Book I), by Tanor Costa

Crown of Delusion is the first of what appears to be an epic fantasy saga, filled with intense battles of might and magic. It has a vast range of characters, each with their own agenda, all affected by the usurping of the rightful king of Elderrock by a powerful lightning mage. In a creative fantasy world where knights, rangers, vikings, pirates, bandits, assassins, mercenaries, barbarians, and even samurai warriors come together to fight for the well being of their lands, there is nothing but non-stop action in this story!

After the night of treason in which Amar the lightning mage murders the rightful king and his guardsmen, only the kings two nephews, Sar and Eloy escape with their trusted mentor, Faulkner, who takes them into hiding. The three fugitives begin a quest to travel the distant lands and gather an army that would be powerful enough to stand up against the treacherous Amar and his corruption of Elderrock.

The author shows a lot of promise with his imaginative skills, having created an entire fantasy realm, and the story itself, though lengthy, is well thought out. I did give this novel four stars on Amazon and Goodreads instead of five, because of the need for edits, and I also felt the language of the characters seemed like that of modern soldiers and sailors instead of fantasy heroes. Furthermore, there came a point when the adventures of the main protagonists felt redundant: they traveled from one kingdom to the next, ask each ruler to join their cause. They were often turned down, but then said kingdom was inconveniently (or conveniently) attacked by the heroes’ enemy, in which said heroes assisted in protecting said kingdom, and after winning the battle, the ruler would then agree to join the cause. Nothing to take away from the brilliance of this masterpiece, just some thoughts for the author to ponder while creating the second book in this series.

However, the story as a whole is a thrilling ride, and the dynamics and versatility of the multitude of characters I’m sure was no easy task, and the author should be commended for clearly putting forth sweat and tears, and possibly even a little blood, into his first novel. Well done! If you enjoy the epic fantasy adventure type of story, with plenty of intense battles filled with bloodshed, magic, and the courage of noble men and scoundrels fighting side by side, be sure to pick up Crown of Delusion!

CLICK HERE for a link to the book!


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