Book Review: Finding Forever by Amanda J. Evans

Finding Forever is a story of love conquering all. A great tale that instills within us the hope that anyone can overcome obstacles, both external and internal.

Okay, so this story is not my preferred genre. But I have to blog about this because there are so many factors about it that really make it a one-of-a-kind type of novella. First, the story is set in 1st person point of view, but switches between the two main characters as narrators from one chapter to the next. This is unique and gives the author her own personal style. I kind of liked this: we’re not just limited to the thoughts and feelings of only one of the two main characters. Second, it’s a romance. No, it’s a mystery. No, wait: it’s a suspense! Amanda J. Evans has an amazing talent in which she intermingles and manipulates tone and mood in such a way that it appears to have a constant change from one chapter to the next, but at the same time there is a constant. The mystery that is heavy in the beginning, unfolds and decreases with each chapter, while the suspense paradoxically starts off light and then builds with each chapter. The romance is kind of a constant. And what’s made a guy like me happy is that it’s not “mushy” romance. It’s more of a presence, that the love shared between the two main characters is what pulls them through the conflict. I can dig that.

One thing that was strange for me was that, even though the suspense was building quite well, mysteries are unfolded and conflict is resolved a little more quickly than usual. And my first reaction was that Ms. Evans could have slowed the tempo down and have continued to expand this story. The suspense could very well have been drawn out across many chapters. But I have to remember that this is a novella, which is something I particularly am not used to as I normally delve into Stephen King length books. So it’s just me and not the author. And the more I reflected on the story of Finding Forever, the more it occurred to me that I don’t believe the theme is supposed to be based on nail-biting suspense as much as it is on determination, tenacity, and, as we see through the actions of some of the major characters, the kindness of strangers being more prominent than the dangerous ones.

With that said, I do believe the talented Ms. Evans has created for us readers quite the masterpiece! I gave it five stars on Amazon and Goodreads! If you’re a hopeless romantic who loves it when the good guys win, then the well-written story, Finding Forever is definitely for you! CLICK HERE to get your copy!


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