Book Review: Embellished (Chronicles of Orian, Book I) by Karen Glista

Whenever an author has the ability to create an entire fantasy world with unique names of its kingdoms, races, and and characters, and on top of that, develop original customs and traditions of its peoples, it’s a creative feat worth utmost commendations and praises. Karen Glista, through an incredible imagination, has done just that!

Embellished begins with a group of teenagers playing an online MMORPG on their computers together in one room of the main characters’ home in Galveston, TX. When their house is struck by lightning, they are somehow pulled into the game. With no time to determine the cause, Bekka, her brother Travis, and their friends must survive and adapt in the world of Orian. For anyone who considers himself/herself a gamer out there, you might consider this something relative with which you could for once, put your headset down, set your status to “AFK,” and actually read a book for entertainment, like we used to when online gaming didn’t exist. Y’know, back when we had to walk to school for 5 miles through 10 feet of snow…uphill both ways.  Seriously though, this is an amazing story of adventure, romance, and suspense! The author’s remarkable use of descriptive imagery makes the reader feel like he/she has been teleported into this realm along with the main characters! A wide and diverse range of characters polish the pages of the story, and the details are so explicit that you can’t but help suspect Ms. Glista might have possibly visted Orian herself.

Now I’ll be honest. It is clever that the characters have been pulled into an online game, but it’s not the type of story an online gamer might think to read. It’s really a romantic novel in a fantasy world. Though I’m not much for romance novels, there is also plenty of adventure and excitement, filled with gruesome battles and thrilling quests, to keep a “guy” like me turning the pages! So, if you’re looking for a fantasy novel that has it all, get a copy of Embellished and enjoy! Click Here to order!


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