The Paladin is Coming!

To all of you who have taken a chance on my first novel, Agents of Shadow, Book I of The Keepers of White series, many had asked me after finishing when the second book would be released. Well I’m overjoyed to announce that after months of waiting, not only on your end, but on mine as well, Book II, The Paladin’s Message is now available for preorder on the Amazon Kindle! It will be released on August 30, 2017 for $3.99, but anyone who preorders before that date will get 50% off ($1.99)! The paperback version is available now, but it’s a bit lengthier than the first book, so the price is higher.

Yes, this one is a long novel, but I’ve already had one reviewer who mentioned she’d read it in two days, having been unable to put it down! That’s promising to know, and it also helps me breath a sigh of relief. You see, The Paladin’s Message to me is THE ONE. It’s the part of the story in which I put everything I had into it. The Keepers of White is going to be a series in which I still don’t know how many books will need to be written to complete the entire saga, but the first three books make up one story on their own. This second novel, The Paladin’s Message, brings the true protagonist into light by the end, and if you look at these three books (once all three have been published that is) as one story, you will see that the climax happens in this second installment. And man, is it big! The first three books of The Keepers of White is to me like the first three Star Wars movies were to Lucas, and The Paladin’s Message is definitely my Empire Strikes Back!

For the faint of heart, there are a couple chapters that are tough to endure. Beware Part I, Chapter 6: I myself felt incredibly sick to my stomach when I wrote it, but I felt it was necessary to portray just how wicked certain Agents of Shadow could bring themselves to be. I truly needed to come up with the worst kind of evil doings I could imagine a human being capable of, but I can’t yet explain as to why until everyone has had a chance to read through. So, just a quick warning to tighten your stomachs when reading the horrid parts. It will be worth it by the end, I promise.

So, without trying to toot my own horn too much, this is a big step for me. I’ve obsessed over getting this second installment published even more so than the first, so I’m very excited about this! When I first got the email from Amazon that my submission for publication had been approved, and that the book was now live on their site, I literally cried similarly to the way I did when I graduated from boot camp, when I earned my first degree black belt, or when my first kid was born (okay, not THAT emotionally powerful, just “similarly”). I’m hoping that, if you enjoyed Agents of Shadow, at least enough to consider it a good story, that you’ll continue the journey, that you’ll reward yourself for having gotten through the first one by delving into the second to satisfy your curiosity about what happens next. Based on the feedback from my beta readers and my first review, I doubt you’ll be disappointed! Check out the link below to preorder The Paladin’s Message and get it for half off!

CLICK HERE to preorder The Paladin’s Message


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